The Wikipedia logoWhen we started researching the Alaskan Arctic, we were surprised to find that most of the information available to the public was from just a few locations, and only covered a few "hot" issues. The Wikipedia page for the Anaktuvuk River, for example, showed only a grainy black-and-white photo from 1901! One of our major goals was to change this. We decided that, rather than create our own knowledgebase from scratch, we would create or improve Wikipedia articles. Wikipedia is free, avialable online worldwide, and is often the first place most people turn online for information. Through our Wikipedia projects, we hope that Expedition Arguk will help bring the Arctic to people all across the world, with greater depth and in full color.

The Panoramio logoIn addition to our work on Wikipedia, we've also uploaded and geotagged a number of photos using the Panoramio system integrated into Google Maps and Google Earth. These photos will help people browsing on Google Earth visualize what the landscape is like from eye-level. In a few places, ours are some of the only photos in hundreds of square miles.

Below is a list of Wikipedia articles that Expedition Arguk members have contributed to. Items marked with a "+" indicate new articles that we created.