Outdoor Research Enigma Jacket Review

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Chelsea: "I'd been looking for a better fitting-longer lasting rain jacket for a while when I decided on the Enigma. Outdoor Research calls this jacket a 'workhorse for alpine exploits demanding total stormproof protection,' and I'd agree. When I put this jacket on, I feel invincible no matter the weather. With a little breathing room for summer excursions and space for layering options in colder weather, I wear this jacket all the time.

On Expedition Arguk, I wore this jacket at some point almost every day. On the water, it was especially helpful to keep me dry from stray splashes of exciting water or simply a paddle stroke. Unfortunately on our trial trip, I burned one of the sleeves pretty bad, but duct tape did a fine temporary patch job for the Arctic. I've had wonderful experience with the OR Infinite Guarantee in the past, and when I get around to it I will be sure to get my Enigma repaired by this fine company so that it will last me many more everyday rain showers and extended treks."