Mary Jane's Farm Dehydrated Meals Review

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Brett: "When it comes to dehydrated backpacking food, most backpackers are looking for a few things: light, calorie-heavy food that tastes like the real deal. Mary Jane's Farm makes all-organic food from their farm in Moscow, Idaho. Mary Jane's Farm is a big producer of dehydrated organic foodstuffs but they retain a country vibe. When speaking with them on the phone, I was taken by surprised when one sales guy said he would talk to "his wife Mary Jane" and the next said he"d "ask his mom" to answer my questions. MJF has a good, real-deal family vibe.

MJF sells their food in both single-serving pouches and, for big adventures, in bulk. For our trip, we sampled the Santa Fe Pasta, Alfredo Pasta, Hot 'N Spicy Black Bean Flakes, and Chili Mac. Each carried ample amounts of flavor, much more so than other dehydrated food brands that we've tried which tend to taste bland and over-salted. Our major critique of MJF foods is that, even for we garlic lovers, MJF food is very amply seasoned with garlic. Tone this down, and MJF entrees would be close to perfection."

Sponsorship Note: Mary Jane's Farm sponsored Expedition Arguk with several bulk packs of food, plus a discount on further purchases (which we happily accepted). This review was written independently by members of Expedition Arguk.