Black Rock Gear Expedition Grade Liner Mitts Review

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Expedition Arguk with their Black Rock Gear liner mittsChelsea, Brett and Paxson with their Black Rock Gear Expedition Grade Liner Mitts at the edge of the Arctic Ocean.

Chelsea: "Portable instant hand warmers. These were awesome in the Arctic. I always have trouble keeping my hands and feet warm, and my Black Rock Mitts did the trick on this trip. They are definitely 'camp mitts' as described. I'm sure they'd be good multi-use mitts when doubled with an outer, much more durable layer. The down tends to shift around a bit when stored, but they just require a simple shake-out when brought out to be worn."

Paxson: "In terms of a warmth to weight ratio, these gloves are amazing. They pack down to an absurdly small size but quickly poof back into shape, hugging your hands in a cloud of instant warmth. The shell is a very thin material, which allows a surprising amount of dexterity. I was able to use the small buttons and dials on my camera with the gloves on without much trouble. The flip side is that they shouldn't be used for any tasks where durability would be an issue. For example, bushwacking through the woods or carrying rocks to weigh your tent down would be asking for a tear. If you need more durability, use these in line with their product descriptoin: as liners, below a more rugged overmitt. If the down moves around and collects in one part of the glove, you may need to swing your arms around a little to even them out again."

Sponsorship Note: Black Rock Gear provided Expedition Arguk with five pairs of mitts, with no strings attached. This review was written independently by members of Expedition Arguk.