Expedition Arguk team leader and geologist Brett Woelber
Expedtion Arguk bioloist Jason Mercer
Expedtion Arguk media producer Paxson Woelber
Expedtion Arguk economist and geologist Luke Douglas
Expedtion Arguk organizer and logists manager Chelsea Ward-Waller

Expedition Arguk team members

Photo Gallery

One of our major goals was to make photography from the remote Arctic available for free public use. To view our full gallery, please click here.

Short Films

The World Beyond the World, the fist short film from Expedition Arguk

Illustrated Trip Report

Click here to read about our adventure!

Arguk in the Media

Expedition Arguk has been featured in National Geographic, the Atlantic, the Alaska Dispatch, and more! To see a complete list and links to Expedition Arguk's appearances in the media, click here.

Expedition Arguk

On July 22, 2013, Expedition Arguk set out on a 300-mile hiking and packrafting trip through the Alaskan Arctic, from the heart of the Brooks Range to the edge of the Arctic Ocean. During the next month we climbed through sweeping mountain passes and sunlit canyons in Gates of the Arctic, photographed grizzlies, caribou, and rare birds, had a wild packrarafting adventure down the Anaktuvuk River, floated under fierce storms, pale blue skies and five-hour sunsets, met dozens of colorful personalities in remote Eskimo villages, rafted past remote oil facilities, and had a spooky awesome encounter with a polar bear as it loped through a sea mirage on the Arctic Ocean.

Check out our photo gallery, illustrated trip report, and our two short films. If you're planning your own trip, take a look at our tips for Arctic wilderness travel and gear reivews. We've also worked to improve numerous Wikipedia Articles about the Arctic and Arctic issues and will give presentations about Expedition Arguk. We've been featued in print and online.

We hope you leave this site with a greater appreciation and understanding of the importance, complexity, and beauty of the rapidly-changing Arctic. Thanks for visiting and feel free to get in touch!

Tips and Advice

Planning your own trip? Check out our tips and advice for travel in the Alaska Arctic.

Gear Reviews

All together, we put 1,260 rugged miles on a variety of gear, from an electrified bear fence to mosquito nets, from mountaineering parkas to five-toed liner socks. Click here to see what made it to the Arctic Ocean, and what didn't.


Expedition Arguk decided to contribute to knowledge and understanding of the Arctic by creating and expanding numerous Wikipedia articles. We also added photos to the Panoramio geo-mapping service, which can be viewed through Google Earth. To see a list of articles that we've made substantial changes and improvements to, please click here.

Talks and Presentations

Expedition Arguk gives talks and presentations to share our trip and help introduce people to Arctic issues. Below is a photo from our presentation at Tap Root, in Anchorage.

Special Thanks

Special thanks section for Roman Dial, Hig Higman and Erin McKittrick, Ed Plumb, and Lindsey Hadjuk

Click here to read our shout-outs to the individuals who helped Expedition Arguk with their knowledge, advice, and support.


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